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I usually go to Gen Con every year, but this year I started a new job with my library and we have also begun circulating board games.  I am curious to know what type of programming is available on Trade Day.  I know I have read a lot about panels for retailers and educators.  Is there any library focused programming?  Just curious, I have to make a case for my director in order to attend trade day and I want to make sure it will be useful as well.


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The information you want is here

There is a Gen Con email address there [email protected]?subject=Trade%20Day%20Query

Most people do not attend the trade day. I suggest you try emailing Megan with questions.

I have heard good things about it in the past but never attended it myself.

Posted by qwaserity

Been there, done that! Went last year.

If you are new to libraries or classrooms using games for teaching I recommend the Trade Day. It will cost more but you have a day of classes that target the educators. I can't guarantee all of the lectures. Last year I have two that were okay, two that were AWESOME and two that were downright terrible. One of the two "terrible" ones was a repeat of information I already knew so the only really bad one was someone talking about adding Magic: the Gathering to his store.

Otherwise, I'd say go and enjoy the day. At the end they have the companies demo games and there was even free alcohol!!!

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I would agree that Trade Day is well worth it. I have been attending ever since my first GenCon and can't imagine going to GenCon without it. If you look through last year's event schedule (I know that it's posted somewhere offsite... some events.db link, IIRC?) you can check out the Wednesday programming and see the kinds of seminars that were offered. 

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Gencon Event DB

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