Badge/Event Tickets were not delivered - Options?
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I did not receive my Badge/Event tickets in the mail.  I checked the Packages page and it said "out for transit" but when I looked at the tracking information yesterday, it said they had attempted to deliver the package a month ago and left a notice.  I did not receive any notice, so I am not certain where they attempted to deliver to, but the package now says it is being returned to the sender, which appears to be in Seattle.

What can I do to get my badge/event tickets? Obviously I would prefer to not have to pickup at the event (which is why I always preorder and have them mailed) but can do so if required to.


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Good luck - picking up your stuff at the event might be a better outcome than you get - "tough beans" would be a very plausible reality at this point.

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If the packet was returned to the office, it will be in the "problem" box onsite.  You'll need to go to Will Call onsite, and let them know your packet was returned as not delivered, and they'll check that box for you.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by hida77

UPDATE: I just wanted to comment about how great the GenCon staff was at the event in helping me get my badge/tickets.

I went to Customer Service on Wednesday night after my flight got in and one of the support team who was managing the line there asked me about what the issue was and after hearing it went and checked the "problem folder" for me while I was waiting.  He found my badge/tickets in there and brought it back to me.  Seriously saved me several hours of waiting and hassle.

I wish I had gotten his name, but whoever it was, thank you very much!  I was worried about this issue ruining my weekend and was very pleased that I was covered and there were so many people there trying to make sure it went smoothly!

Thanks GenCon staff! Look forward to seeing you all next year!

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