Cancelling a badge vs. The events on that badge.
Posted by bakimono

Ok, so I am going to be buying a badge for my wife and I, that much is a given.  My work has a booth in the exhibit Hall, and might be buying us exhibition badges with the company's account, but they waited too long to do so before events tickets went up for sale, and both of us want tickets that might sell out quickly, so I am just goignt o buy ourselves badges and get reimbursed. But, if my company does get us Exhibition badges, can we cancel our own and use the provided badges without giving up all of the event tickets we bought, or do they all get refunded when the badges get cancelled? (Minus admin fees, natch)
I would love to take advantage of the extra Hall time, as I will be spending some time at the Company booth instead of on the floor, but there are events I'd hate to miss as well, so we couldn't wait?  Is there a work-around to do both, or am I going to be SOL on one or the other?

Posted by buffythecatslayer

I know that if you pick up a GM badge at the Con, everything from your basic badge gets transferred to the GM one.  I don’t know for sure, but I would have to hope that Exhibitor badges work the same way.

Posted by marimaccadmin

As long as a valid badge remains on the account, this will not be an issue.  It is very commonly done with GM badge as well,  as buffythecatslayer noted. :)

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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