Changed all my tickets to mail from will call, badge?
Posted by drboardgame

How can I have my badge mailed as well?

Can't find this as an option.

Posted by traveller

There is only one option, either you are mailing badge/tickets or they are will call.


Posted by drboardgame

This does not seem to be the case.  Site lists my badge for willcall and my tickets as USPS

Posted by traveller

Strange, I only have one shipping method choice.

email [email protected]

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Under My Packets, it shows your delivery method, and it’s the same for the entire packet.

The only way they could be different if someone else purchased things for you.

Posted by selene314

If you are getting a GM badge, you have to pick it up from GM HQ (not actually Will Call).

I think they've said they don't mail those because they want to know whether the GMs showed up.

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