Outside food and medication?
Posted by mitkitty

My friend and I are going to gencon together, and I'm planning on having a backpack (both as a part of my costume and to carry merch and stuff around.) I didn't see anything against bringing bags, but I was also hoping to store some snacks (just small things, like peanut butter crackers) to get me through if it's a while to mealtime, and advil or alleve or something since I'm prone to headaches. My friend's hoping to bring her acid reflux medication with her so she doesn't have to go back and forth from the hotel at mealtimes. I didn't see anything in the policies about this, are these okay, as long as the medication is clearly labeled?

Posted by lordbobo

You should be fine. no issues with having your meds or snacks.

Posted by jimtullis

I've never had any trouble.
I frequently wear Cargo Pants and carry a Pouch of Tuna (and gum for after;)) a pouch of Jerky and some candy bar like protein bars.
I've also got a Blood Glucose meter and various diabetic medicine.
Try not to be too obvious or paranoid about it and you should be fine.

I think they may have a medical room set up for people who need to inject meds, but I'm not positive.

Posted by mitkitty

Okay, thank you very much! It's good to know!

Posted by lilyjade

Technically the ICC has a no outside food policy, but they will turn their heads as long as people are not being stupid about. Just don't leave trash sitting around, don't go around yelling "OMG look that this pizza I brought in!!! Free pizza!!!", that sort of thing. I am packing a PB&J sandwich, PB crackers, cashews, granola bars, and hard candy to help with expenses (planning one meal out a day at $15 max).

As for medications, don't worry about it at all. I bring a single bottle that has a mix of meds in it, both prescription and OTC.

Posted by aaronmlopez

OTC meds should be fine, however some areas require you to keep your prescription meds separate from anything else. Not sure if this is the case in Indianapolis or not, but I would advise against mixing prescriptions and OTC in the same bottle. Either way, it shouldn't be a problem carrying them with you.

Posted by bith

Anecdote:  I've personally seen the security turn someone away for carrying a box of popcorn, only to also see the security person watch as that individual suck the box in their backpack then let them in fully aware that they were bringing the box of popcorn in. 

It's very much what lillyjade said.

Posted by garhkal

I've seen them stop someone eating a sub sammy as they entered..  then let them by with nary a glance after they wrapped it up and put in their bag as well..

Posted by ladyimm

I admit, I've brought all kinds of food with me - I also carry Advil, antacids and so forth -- nobody has ever looked or asked about meds...

Posted by jmlawson

As a volunteer doing 8 hour shifts with only brief breaks, bringing some food is nothing short of essential.  

Posted by aldctjoc

Everyone here is asolutely correct about entering with food. But at the same time, all it'll take for things to change is venue's management to get a bug up their butt about it and crack the whip on employees. If that happens, yeah things will be radically different.

I'm of course not saying "don't do it", though. I'm just saying we should make it easy on the staff and hide it well enough for them to have plausible deniability. That's all. :D

Posted by bushmaster

"I saw nothing!"

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