True Dungeon Ticket Pickup
Posted by iam477

Hey everyone! Quick question. I bought three tickets for Odin’s Redux but the tickets did not ship out to me nor are they under the “electronic tickets” section on my shipping detail. The purchase shows up in my transactions but I don’t know how to actually get said tickets. Am I missing something? 

Thanks for the help! 

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Look at your schedule (click your name/account # at top right) and the events will be listed.  There are no e-tickets to pick up; they're tied to your Gen Con badge.  When you get to the event, they'll scan your badge, and you get in.

Posted by selene314

Are they definitely in your name, or did you assign them to friends?

Mine does appear under “electronic tickets.” Of course they wouldn't be listed there if you made the purchase after your mailed tickets were printed.

Posted by iam477

Ayep! They show up when I click on my name. It's so strange that they didn't appear in the other location. Thank you for the assistance. I had no dang idea I could just click on my dang name! Thank you all so much for the help!

Posted by mikeboozer

They are not under your shipping details or packet because there is nothing to ship or put in a packet!

It is even more confusing if they appear there. You would be surprised how many people email us and ask why they did not receive their electronic tickets in the mail....

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

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