Could someone on staff send me a Program Guide?
Posted by bcarter5876

Greetings all,

I'm unable to make it to GenCon for even one day this year due to a family emergency.  Would it be possible for someone on staff to send me a program guide?  I go through them thoroughly every year, and I haven't missed one in a very long time (although I have missed the occasional GenCon, someone I know has always been there to get one for me, but nobody from up here that I know is making the trip this year due to various happenstances!).  I would gladly pay for the shipping and your trouble.  I can PayPal you directly, or ApplePay, or whatever your preferred method is.

Thank you in advance!

Posted by bcarter5876

Hey all,

Nevermind, I found the .pdf version and that will do well enough, I guess.  Thanks!

Posted by brooks

Sent you a message. 

Posted by dautzen64

I was there yesterday but couldn’t find any. If you have one for me, brooks, that would be awesome.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

They do seem pretty scarce this year.  I finally found one sitting on top of a trash can in the middle of the exhibit hall :-)

Posted by roderick

I have a bunch at the Union Station if someone wants to pick one up.

Posted by bcarter5876

I know that printing those things must be expensive, but I'm a little old fashioned in the area of books (even though I am a technophile in almost every other aspect of my life...).  Still prefer printed rule books, even though .pdfs are easier to search and don't tear or absorb various caffeine products.

Posted by bcarter5876

Just wanted to publicly thank brooks for kindness extended.  It's good to know there are still nice people out there!

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