2021 VIG Lottery?
Posted by mmacgregor


Is there a VIG lottery for 2021? 


Posted by narzat

Yes, but unfortunately you missed the deadline.  Worth signing up for the email list to stay abreast of such things, if you like.

edited to add:  It usually happens mid-November to early December.  They advertise it here, on social media, and in the newsletter.  Links to all those can be found in the "Connect" menu up above.

Posted by quarex

If you missed the deadline you might not be quite as seething at the oblivious people on Facebook making their tonedeaf excited posts about being selected for the lottery!

(I am probably overreacting, but man, if I got chosen I would never talk about it publicly; I know how important this is to people and how many people there are out there who genuinely believe their convention is ruined if they miss the primo hotel lottery [not that I can understand them either])

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