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I urgently need information. (Yes, I have sent this in an email to customer service, but I am not confident they are there.)

My husband ordered us two badges, but unknowingly reordered from a previous year before we were married, and my name does not match. The badge he bought is under the old name, and  I no longer have identification under that name.  

I need to know if I will be able to attend under my new name. We are coming in from NY and will arrive Friday morning to pick up our badges. We are leaving tomorrow, and I do not want to drive 8 hours only to find out we just lost $100+ dollars on a badge we can't use. I would really like to speak to someone about this, but the phone lines are closed.

Worst comes to worst, I might have an old passport with my previous name - do you know if that would be acceptable ID? I could also bring the marriage license because my Driver's License has the new name.

Also, and more importantly, I do not remember the details of the old account, and my husband unfriended it because I made a new one. Now we are realizing that in order to by tickets for the account associated with the badge, we need to be friends, and there is a very good chance I can't log in to refriend him because I may have deleted the email address it was associated with.

Looking for any thoughts/advice. Should we buy another badge? Can we even refund the wrong one now that it's so close to the event?

What a mess!!!

Posted by esper88

Can I buy two tickets under his name for events? Would he be able to give me one? We are generally attending all events together.

Posted by austicke

You'll need to see customer service when you get here. I would think they can straighten it out for you.

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