Issue with ticket credit
Posted by david campbell

So, after many years of attending I finally showed up for an event that didn't run. My friend and I had tickets for an event running from 10am-2am at the Marriott. We were on time at the right table; but no GM or other players.

We waited until around 20 after and triple checked the location and the event in the system. Was a sellout; should have been six other folks and a GM; but no one. If it had been a $4 ticket I probably wouldn't have cared; but this was $10 ($20 for both of us) so we went to the Marriott HQ to find out it closed at 8.

Had to walk back to the main customer service desk to be told they couldn't do anything unless the area HQ person signed off on the ticket. I pointed out it closed at 8 and was told that couldn't be true; that someone had to have been there. After some pushing I got system credit; but had to pay the 5% fee. 

I don't care about the dollar; I was more bothered about being in that spot in the first place. Without HQ being staffed; what are folks supposed to do when events don't run like they are supposed to? What could I have done differently?

Posted by tdb

That sucks!

The Marriott HQ was also closed Sunday afternoon.  We had a GM no-show for a 2:00pm game.  Luckily we were in the Indie Game room so the person at the room HQ signed off on our tickets and we got the full refund.

But you raise a very valid point - what is the proper procedure if the local HQ is closed?

And also, what was the deal with the HQ not being open while events were running?  I have never seen that happen before.

Posted by david campbell

Bumping this since everyone is back by now; honestly wondering what I could have done with the hotel hq closed.

Posted by mikeboozer

Was this the event? It is the only one I can see on your account that was refunded.

Ticket Return - RPG1684133 (To Save a Dream on Sat at 10:00 PM)

Posted by david campbell

Yep; that was the one.

Like I said; don't care about the dollar; just want to know how I could have handled it differently...


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