Buying Badge/Event Tickets for Kids
Posted by dbmeboy

I'm going to be attending with my son (age 6) for the first time this year and I'm having trouble figuring out how to get him registered. I know that I can get him a wrist band for free, but he wants to do a Pokémon TCG learn to play event, which is listed as 6+ so I believe he needs an actual badge to do it. How do I buy him a badge though? I can't add him as a friend/family because he doesn't have an email address. Is there a way to create a kids account that I'm just too blind to see, or do I have to go create a burner email address for him?


Posted by rzjacobs

There is an option to get "another ticket for me" when buying tickets which I think would be applicable since he isn't able to get his own account.

Posted by helenbb

When my kids were young, I just used an alternate email of mine as their email address. That way, even though they technically had their own accounts, I controlled everything (I also controlled their accounts and logins).

Now that they're teenagers, they have the logins to their accounts, but still use my email accounts for them, since I'm the one who deals with all of the wishlists and ticket transfers and badge-buying, etc. etc.

So in short, just make another account for them using an alternate email address to which you have access.

Posted by austicke

Select badge and then click on Someone Else and Don't Know.

Posted by gianni

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