Badge for someone planning to host a playtest in FEPH
Posted by jslott

If I plan to attend, but am planning to host a playtest—using the $350 package that includes 2 GM badges—should I be doing anything now (in January) to secure badges?

Or should I wait until FEPH submissions are open and expect to get GM badges at that time? I don't want to miss my opportunity to get a badge, so I want to be sure that I understand the setup. Thanks!

Posted by roderick

You only need to buy badges now if you want to get into the housing lottery (deadline is Feb 10 to get into the lottery).

If you do buy badges now, you can then sign up for FEPH when it opens and request a refund for the badges you buy today, because you'll have GM badges as well. This refund is without the normal $10 return fee. 

Hope that's clear...

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by scottb

Just a point of clarification... is it necessary to request the refund? In the FEPH policies document, section 4. Badges, it says:

"d. Gen Con has a one badge per person/account policy. If two badges are assigned to the same name, one will automatically be “refunded” without notification."

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