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Posted by amazedbygrace86

First time attending Gen-Con. Bringing my soon-to-be 10 year old son with me. I have a 4-day badge for myself and a child wristband for him. 

If we want to participate in non-kids events (i.e. boardgames, Dice Tower Award show, etc.), can I simply sign up for them myself and get an extra ticket for myself in the registration to cover him? Or does he need to have his own paid badge (i.e. one-day, 4 day, etc.) to be able to participate with me in the events?

Really hoping I don't have to buy another 4-day badge just to do a few non-kid events with him. Thanks for your help!

Posted by mikeboozer

He will need a badge for any non-kid events he is attending.

If he is only attending these non-kid events on one day then he only needs the badge for that day.

Posted by amazedbygrace86

Thanks for your answer and help! 

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