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Posted by oldman

As I missed it, and perhaps to help others, if you have a code for a free badge - where or when do you enter it on the site? I missed it and bought a badge (by accident, email on the way to customer service) ...

Old Man

Posted by mikeboozer

Your Badge Authorization Code can be used  online before the show. To redeem your code online, follow the instructions below.

  • Sign In to your account at and look for the “Get a Badge” link under the ATTEND tab on the left. This will take you to the SELECT BADGES page.
  • Enter your Badge Authorization Code in the box provided and hit enter.
  • A new badge with a cost value of $0.00 will appear at the bottom of the list of badges.
  • Click “Select” next to the new badge, and your name should appear with a check box next to it (along with anyone on your Friends List).
  • Click the checkbox next to your name and the badge should appear on the right side of the page.
  • Click “Checkout”, and select a shipping option on the next page.
  • Continue on through the rest of the purchase process.
  • Once you arrive on the RECEIPT page, your purchase is complete. An email receipt will be sent to you confirming your new badge as well.

Posted by oldman


Thank you for the quick refund and the info above. Didn't connect Badge Authorization Code w the coupon code ... duh. :)

Old Man

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