Didn't Receive Housing Email Notice
Posted by mhayward1978

A friend of mine received an email update about housing from GenCon.

I didn't get one (checked spam folder and everywhere).

I had logged into the new forums in late December, and gotten an email from GenCon at that time explaining the terms of service, so I think my email in the system is right.

Anyway - if an email was supposed to go out to your customer list, I'd double check if it went out to everyone you intended.

If it could be something with my account, how would I determine if I'm on the right mailing list?

Posted by austicke

Go here. What do you have selected for Mailing Lists?

Posted by mhayward1978 austicke

austicke wrote:
Go here. What do you have selected for Mailing Lists?

Mailing Lists:
Gen Con

Posted by austicke

Ah. Hopefully Gen Con can help further.

Do you get the other newsletters or did you just miss this one?

You can see the latest ones here.

Posted by mikeboozer

Please go to the home page gencon.com, and on the left side margin you will see this:
Select HERE to sign up for our newsletter!

Follow the link to sign up.
Best Regards,

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Volunteer Manager
Gen Con LLC

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