VIG Companion badge question
Posted by binia

My husband (a VIG) bought a companion badge for me, but when I log in to my account, it's not showing up there.  Not a big problem since it won't matter til event reg, but I figured I'd better let somebody know.

Any other VIG companions having the same issue?

Posted by austicke

Where is it not appearing? Here?

Posted by binia

Hmm, actually it does appear in My Packets (sorry, hadn't checked).  I had looked in My Transactions and in My Housing.  Housing even tells me:

If you would like to reserve a hotel room(s) from Gen Con's discounted room block you must first purchase a badge. Reservations will be made through Gen Con's Housing Portal. After you have purchased your badge, return to this page to access the Housing Portal.

note:  my housing is arranged, I was simply alarmed that it doesn't know here that I have a badge.

Thanks for the response!

Posted by austicke

My pleasure. Only badge purchasers can reserve housing, not recipients. But you're good!

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