Housing Queue with Multiple Badges Question
Posted by nikki

I'm hoping for some clarification.  We have a group of five.  I want to buy all five badges.  If I do that, do we get five housing queue assignments because it is five individual badges, or is it just one housing queue assignment with the ability to get multiple rooms?

It reads both ways - we're either potentially getting one queue assignment that can book more than one room at the same time or is it five queue assignments able to book one room apiece?

Posted by marimaccadmin

If you personally are buying all the badges, you will get one queue time.  With 5 badges, you'd get the opportunity to book 3 rooms; you'd have to go back into the system repeatedly however; you can't book them both at the exact same time.  Thus, there is a chance that while you are booking the first room, other rooms will sell out.

Only people who have purchased a badge receive a queue time.  If all 5 people purchase their own badges, they will each get 5 queue times, and can each book one room.

Make sense? :)

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by austicke nikki

nikki wrote:We have a group of five.  I want to buy all five badges.

If you want the best chance to get downtown room(s), you should buy the five badges on five different accounts.

Five entries into the housing lottery is better than just one obviously.

Posted by nikki


Posted by big12cowboys

With the caveat that one person=one room.  Ran into this problem last year.  We had five go as well, three of us adults and two teens.  One got a good queue time.  We got one room downtown in the block.  The other room out of block at a different hotel that we had to get was twice our mortgage payment for five nights.

Posted by ploveking

The system as it is rewards organized groups that all participate over groups where one person handles logistics. I don't know if that's intentional, but that's how it turns out.

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