How to delete an organization
Posted by naptownmvp

I just sent this to the customer service email, but thought I would post here in hopes of possibly getting a faster response.

When trying to buy badges, this message is displayed at the top of the screen:

NOTICE: You are purchasing badges on behalf of your organization. These purchases will not show up in your personal transaction history. They will be shown on the organization's transaction history.

But I don't know how an organization got attached to my name in the first place.  There doesn't seem to be any way to switch from buying from an organization to buying on my behalf, and I don't have a need for an organization, so how do I remove the organization?  Any help would be appreciated. 

Posted by naptownmvp

This was fixed via email.  Thanks to Mike!

Posted by mikeboozer

You're welcome. For everybody else with this issue we cannot delete an organization you are attached to. If this is an issue for you when buying badges please email us [email protected]. We will "dlelete” your connection to that organization so you can buy Badges/Event tickets on your personal account.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Volunteer Manager
Gen Con LLC

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