Battletech Pods' event location?
Posted by harryhuelsemann

Hello, I've been wanting to sign up for the Battletech Pods event for late Friday, but I do not know where the event is being held. If anyone could help me with this, please respond. Thank you.

Posted by whisper721

I there.  I am a CGL Demo Agent.  Unless there is a change from prior years we always put them at the Catalyst Games Lab area in the gaming hall.  It will be very noticeable. There will be Battletech signage and of course the Pods. Usually (unless its one of the overnight or midnight sessions) there is a small group of spectators watching on the screens.

Posted by harryhuelsemann

Alright, thank you.

Posted by nialith

Last year, they were near the doors to Hall A/B along the Wabash West corridor.  

Posted by stcptmara

Yeah, you don't really sign up for them as an event. You bring your generics, and they put you in a slot in order of when you came. You can end up with a bit of a long wait. However, I also understand that you get some of the more interesting scenarios late at night when everyone is board, and the CGL staffers start taking turns..

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