Bringing supplies into the con
Posted by sneeze10

Hi all, 

I'm posting this mostly just to ask if bringing a small folding/ collapsable chair (like tripod style) is allowed in the con. I've been to many cons and a small number don't allow these kinds of things for sitting in line but I have back problems and a friend ill be traveling with can't stand all day for similar reasons. 
Also, I usually bring a small first aid kit with me. Aside from the local pharmacy does the convention have a convenient place to pick up bandages and similar supplies?

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

I dunno, but it seems like a massive pain in the neck to lug that around with you all day.

Posted by austicke

No problem bringing a portable chair. That's way smaller than some of the rolling luggage people use to carry their games.

The Gen Con map lists first aid stations in the convention center and stadium. I imagine all the hotels have them as well.

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Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?

There's a CVS a few blocks North of the Convention Centre, so you might be able to get the medical stuff there.

For the folding chair?
I'd email Gen Con directly, but I'd hope that something like that would fall into the same category as walking sticks, walkers, and other assistance devices, as long as you're not using it to be an annoyance to others.

Posted by kidlidar

There is also wheelchair rental at the ICC.  My wife had to use it 2 years ago.

Posted by garhkal

I've known and seen people bring in those bagged folding chairs, back rests, those ring cushons..   Never heard/seen anyone have a problem

Posted by sneeze10

yeah, the one im thinking of is only 2lbs. so i doubt it would be a problem most of the time. Thanks for the help

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