How to buy tickets to overlapping events
Posted by markplozay

Hello, I have a D&D session that will end at 9 PM on Friday night. I was hoping to attend the last three hours of AEG's Big Game Night event which goes from 8-12. Is there a way to buy a ticket for this event as Gencon's system won't allow me to add the ticket to my cart. Thank you.

Posted by hawkeye

The short answer is no. Gen Con, for the most part, will not let you buy tickets to an event that conflicts with an event you already have a ticket for.

Posted by randomhajile

I believe seminars are an exception to this rule. Not sure what else.

Posted by mikeboozer

Tournaments usually are as well and the They Might Be Giants Concert.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by nascragman

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Posted by oadams16

I'm trying to get a ticket to Entertainment Event, but it overlaps with another ticket. Would you then suggest just buying generic tickets to the entertainment event and trying to get in? Is there a way to drop the already purchased ticket and pass it on to someone else? Details came out later about the event and I'm really interested in it.

Posted by austicke oadams16

oadams16 wrote:Is there a way to drop the already purchased ticket

Yes; but, at this point, returns can only be handled at Gen Con in August.

Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by dwintheiser

For those who have an issue with wanting to get a ticket for an event, but it conflicts with an event they can't return until arriving at GenCon:

If you have a friends list, and a friend on that list has open time for the event you want, you can purchase the ticket for them -- it will be in their packet, but you can get the physical ticket from them and use it for the event. As far as I'm aware, GenCon does not require the names on physical tickets to match the names on badges. (At least, I've never noticed it.)

If you have a friend who wants a ticket for an event you're attending, but is already scheduled for an event with a ticket that's unreturnable until GenCon, there's a work-around for that, too! On the purchase screen, there's an option to 'buy another ticket for me'; by definition, that ticket doesn't conflict with the ticket you already have. That ticket will be in your packet, and you can give that ticket to your friend when you get your packet. (I used to do this regularly for True Dungeon when organizing multi-player runs.)

I wouldn't use this work-around for e-ticketed events, though, since e-tickets are associated with the badge of the ticketed individual.

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