Timing Between Events ...
Posted by bostonbuckeye17

each event gives a start time, a location (typically), and a duration.

if an event starts at noon and is listed for 2 hours...
will i have time to make it to a 2pm start time event?

do all events end a few minutes early to allow for travel to other events?
or do i need to leave a "skipped time slot" between events so that i don't show up late and miss one?

how do the timings of these things work???

Posted by austicke

The short answer is "it depends". The long answer is that it depends on the game, the length of the game, and the distance between the events. Personally, I would assume you'll need to be present for the entire game length.

And, no, all events do not end early to allow for travel to other events. And, if one event is in Lucas Oil and the other is in the JW, it's going to take you way more than a few minutes to travel between them.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by bostonbuckeye17

thanks!  that was my initial assumption going in.
so i have 30 minutes to an hour between my events.
i just wanted to check and make sure i wasn't wasting unnecessary time.

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