Child Wristband - Oops on Age!
Posted by petebob

I see that the child wristband is for 8yo and under.  I got one for my nephew who will be coming to his first Gencon.   I've learned from my sister that he will turn 9 the month before Gencon.  (Bad Uncle, forgot the month of birthday!)

Do I need to turn this back in and get a regular badge?  They're only coming on Sunday, so I got them a family fun pass to cover the other 4 members of the family.  I'm not sure if/how I can add a 5th to that.



Posted by mikeboozer

Please email [email protected]
We will need to refund the wrist band. The Family Fun Package is only good for 4 people so you will need another one to bring a 5th.

Also today is the last day to order anything and have it mailed. Everything ordered after 11:59 EST will be put in Will Call.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by petebob

Thanks Mike!  Appreciate the info.

Posted by petebob

Just wanted to post back here that Mike got it all worked out splendidly and will have the full family at GenCon 50!   Woot!   

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