How much time between events?
Posted by zinschj

I assume it is recommended to allow time between events to accommodate getting from event A to event B. Is this correct? Has anyone had luck with attending back-to-back events?

Posted by garhkal

If those events are in the same room i have had good luck, as you don't have to go far.  If in adjoining rooms, its also relatively easy..  Where the issue comes in is if they are far apart.  like someone say over in the 130-145 rooms by the exhibitor hall, and then across the way in the Sangmore ballroom area..

Posted by parody

Yes, you should allow time unless you know they're going to be close and you won't need time between for other needs.  Don't forget that plenty of events are in the hotels; going from the JW to Union Station (for example) is a bit of a haul.

Posted by marimaccadmin

I tell the SPA people to end 10 minutes before the hour, or at least 5, but it doesn't always happen.  I think the guideline is for people to wait 10 minutes for no shows.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
​Gen Con LLC

Posted by remnant

If they're in the same room at the JW Marriott for example I'd say that'd be my only back to back event attempt, I give myself 30 minutes to walk between events since I might see something interesting along the way or it's crowded.

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