Housing Registration 2021
Posted by ungmar9567

Did I miss housing registration, or is it still upcoming?

I was on the fence about getting a hotel room this year. I live in Indy so it's no hardship to drive downtown, it's just the convenience of it. When I heard that there wouldn't be 24 hour gaming, I started to sway in the direction of not getting a room. But then I heard that Primus is coming to town with a Rush tribute concert, and then a room downtown started to sound good again.

Posted by lore seeker

It hasn't happened yet. Not sure if they've even named a date yet.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

They haven't even started badge registration, which will probably happen in late May (just a guess from when the rollover period ends).  Sometime soon after that, housing registration will start.  Everything this year is going to be more compressed and rushed than in prior years.

Posted by quarex

Clearly it will be after May 23 when badges go on sale, now that we know that.

Also I have been intrigued to hear how important 24-hour gaming is to some attendees.  As someone who has been going nearly every year since 1997, I can count on one hand the number of times I have played or known someone who played in a game past the hours they are probably going to be closing the convention center (assuming it will be like 12 - 6 or something; if it is much more than that then yeah that would be rough).  I thought everyone agreed that getting a huge free breakfast at the hotel was more important than getting in a few more hours of gaming at night ;) (granted some people seem to take the "3/2/1 sleep/eat/shower" guidance very seriously)

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