Travel, Housing, and Dining 2021
Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2021
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Do you get Rewards Points for your room?
Started by amoebasinger
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Looking for a ride to/from Milwaukee?
Started by jmares
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Goodwood Brewery
Started by raptorov
Last post by brewski 6
Coming from Airport
Started by cinnibar
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Cluster Truck 50% off promo, first time customer
Started by hahnarama
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Stone Soup Inn - Room Available!
Started by aricpatrow19
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Looking for Roomates at Downtown Best Western
Started by brasilianengineer
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Started by experimentalgamer
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Looking for roommate, staying at JW Marriott
Started by travisobrien
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Omni Downtown Hotel Room Available
Started by miotal
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Female looking to be a roomie
Started by amandajdalton87
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Anyone have room to share?
Started by j0hnny br4v0
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Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Indianapolis Room Available
Started by incarna
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Looking for roomie to stay at the Omni
Started by [email protected]
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T.G.I.Friday's AND Villa Pizza
Started by al_kesselring
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Notification: Food Truck schedule
Started by roderick
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One night deposit
Started by brewski
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Shuttle from Airport
Started by topdawgzaz33
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Dining options in 2021
Started by ematuskey
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Transport Promo Codes this 2021?
Started by cinnibar
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Couple questions
Started by thesuperskrull
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Skywalk Hotel Spot Available
Started by carlosatscg
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Food trucks in September?
Started by mbeauparland
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Basey's Bar and Grill closed?
Started by qwaserity
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Downtown Hotel Room Available
Started by katyadams
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