Caveat for those outside the housing block
Posted by qwaserity

I book very early and outside the hotel block so I get a cheap hotel. When googling the hotel yesterday I found out the hotel is permanently closed. No notification from the hotel or booking website! If I hadn't checked I'd be spending GenCon Tuesday night in Indy trying to find a hotel room from my car!

Posted by roderick

You might want to include the hotel name, in case others are booked at it as well.

Posted by qwaserity

Days Inn by Wyndham Indianapolis South

It wouldn't surprise me if there were other hotels...

Posted by kellishaver

I'm amazed at the lack of notice you received. 

I'm staying at Baymont by Wyndham and this thread about gave me a small heart attack so I had to check and see that the hotel I had booked still exists. Fortunately, it seems to.

Posted by dlcyrus

Honestly, after reading the reviews on that place, it’s not surprising you weren’t contacted. That being said, they did you a favor…

Posted by redsox1985

That what a friend of mine does for me and him and we don’t use the houesing block it takes forever to use it 

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Anyone with hotels outside the block should verify their reservations as Gen Con gets closer.  Every year it seems we get a post about a hotel just cancelling someone's reservation out of the blue.  Most are probably because the hotel realized it could get more money during Gen Con.  This year, with even the downtown hotels not full, maybe this won't be a problem, but check your reservtions anyway.

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