Notification: Food Truck schedule
Posted by roderick

Block Party Guide and Food Truck Schedule  New on the blog: Gen Con Indy is just under two weeks away, and we know that gamers enjoy the entertainment and the epicurious adventures that take place just outside the convention center as much as they do the gaming and shopping inside!

With music, food trucks, cold beer, pizza, and more, Gen Con’s outdoor experiences will rock Indy all weekend long. Read the guide for everything you need to know to make your trip to Gen Con’s Block Party a savory and sensory delight.  

Check out the Food Truck Schedule to start planning awesome convention meals on Georgia Street during Block Party at Gen Con Indy!

Posted by notavailableeither

Any chance the food truck schedule can be added to the GenCon App?


Posted by akaihyo

And links to the actual food truck webpages so we could check out menus would be awesome too.

Posted by j554er

If you are interested, I've created a list (google doc) based on the blog post, with links to menus.

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