Stone Soup Inn - Room Available!
Posted by aricpatrow19

Hey everyone, I have a room booked for the 16th-20th at the Stone Soup Inn (Lily Room) that I am unable to use due to a death in the family. The rate was 849 for the whole stay but please make an offer! I can’t use it and am trying to recoup what I can get!

Update: They canceled the room after trying to charge me before I got there :/

Posted by jeanparcksjean

I am truly sorry to hear about your loss and the circumstances surrounding your reservation at the Stone Soup Inn. This is definitely a difficult time and I appreciate you reaching out to the community to make the best of a difficult situation.

Your willingness to offer a room at a discounted rate demonstrates your consideration for others and your desire to offset some of the costs during this difficult time. We are sorry to hear that the hotel canceled your reservation after attempting to charge you prior to your scheduled arrival. Such experiences can add unnecessary stress and inconvenience to an already difficult situation.

In situations like this, it's extremely important to keep open lines of communication with your housing provider to quickly resolve any concerns or issues. Although the cancellation may have been disappointing, I hope you find a solution that will alleviate any financial or logistical issues you may be facing.
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Please know that your community is here to offer support and help during this difficult time. I wish you strength and comfort to survive this difficult period.

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