Goodwood Brewery
Posted by raptorov

How was the new Goodwood Brewery?
I heard they had a special menu, but did they do the Ram proud?
Open gaming or Sci-fi movies?
Special merchandise?

Posted by fethbone

Went there for lunch on Thursday- I thought the food was good, no better or worse than The Ram. They did have a special Gencon menu and there was a little paragraph on it specifically addressed to Gencon attendees introducing themselves. Bartenders were very friendly. 

I was actually a little disappointed that the Gencon menu was the only one available (for lunch at least), as I went in based on their normal menu posted outside. I did not see any open gaming, but it was 11am on Thursday and to be honest I didn't even know there was open gaming allowed at The Ram. Syfy channel on at the bar.

Did not see any special merch, but I am not a merch collector so I can't say for sure since I am not on the lookout for it.

Posted by audioslave

I went with two other people on Saturday for a quick lunch. I thought that the overall experience was fine, but that they were still understaffed and scrambling to keep their heads above water with all of the other events in town. 

Unsure as to if the OP was there. The Colts had a home game Sunday, the WNBA was in town, the NHRA races were at the Indy Raceway for a day, GenCon, etc. so there was quite a bit going on. 

The menu looked to be almost the same as what the Ram offered during the con, and I thought they did a passable job. My wife got ungodly sick off of some fish and chips at GoodWood, and that pretty much ended her experience at the con for the weekend.

So, I hope others had a better experience than she did.

Posted by crowingcommando

I really enjoyed it. Had a tasty burger, decently priced beer and the service was extremely friendly. I miss the theme that the Ram would have in normal years but if they do the exact same thing next year I won’t be disappointed. 

Posted by arcus

I had to miss the Con again this year and haven’t been back since the Ram closed. Honestly, I was never a fan, but my experience was also limited; I never got a chance to eat there cause it was always so crowded and I did not like their house beer selection so that pretty much killed it for me.

Does this place strictly serve their own beer or do they have some of the typical beers on tap/bottle as well? Since all my favorite places have folded over the last couple years, I would like to start making a list of places to try when I go next year.

Posted by brewski

We went on Wednesday evening. We got seated right away due to no crowd. It did take awhile to get drinks and a bit longer for refills.
Son didnt like his burger. In his words "It was like eatting a pot roast on a burnt burger."
My burger was OK.
Didnt go back to try again.
Might next year but they may have lost having us as our traditional first meal in Indy.
RIP Ram.

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