Last minute COVID positive.
Posted by qwaserity

What do you do when you test positive for COVID at the last minute? Okay, today...

Asking for a friend, actually asking for my sister. I just got into town and she called from Wisconsin

Posted by rfsullivan you mean aside from stay home?

Posted by quarex

That is pretty much it.  Even VIGs cannot get refunds for that. 

Posted by kellishaver

I think you're allowed to be sad and have someone deliver ice cream to assist in working through that sadness. You can stay home and feel the feelings for the weekend - that's totally valid.

Stay in your pajamas for the duration.

Sign up for Gen Con online and do online events if you're feeling up to it.

Then you take what's left of your con budget and go to your favorite online retailer and buy something nice for yourself.

At least, that's what I would do.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry your sister t ested positive at the last minute. That's a real bummer.

Posted by hahnarama

Stay home

Posted by qwaserity

Well, that’s just awful. It took me years to convince them to come and now they’re out badges and events. I doubt they can cancel the event tickets online. They aren’t going to drive six hours one way to argue in person.

Posted by rong

If they have any e-tickets, those can be returned/cancelled on-line.

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