Timing of GM Badges (Requests & Assignments)
Posted by msteinbo

Given excitement about badges as well as knowing limits on numbers of badges, have a lot of GM's asking when they can have the security of knowing their GM badge is approved.  

Curious about timing of when we can request allocation and how long after request it might take this year?  

I totally understand events have to be approved prior to validate player hours, just curious if there's any Gen Con statements or rough timing estimates I can share with excited / nervous GM's.  

Thanks a ton to Gen Con events team, know it's a lot to juggle even in a normal year!

Posted by derekguder

GM badges are separate from general attendee badges and have been accounted for when we projects overall attendance and our anticipated cap.

Allocations can be requested once your events are Active, so the sooner you get everything submitted, the sooner we will be able to process those, but that process likely won't happen until mid-June.

The allocation request form is linked on the Host page so if you've already submitted your events you can certainly submit that to get everything off your plate and we'll tackle those once event review is complete.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by msteinbo

Thank you Derek!   Very helpful.  

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