Hosting Events

This information will help you submit and manage your events for Gen Con Online. If you have any questions, just email us or visit our forums.

During the online convention, your best option to reach us is [email protected]

Gen Con Online Event Timeline

June 5, 2020 Event Host Policy for Gen Con Online Published
June 8, 2020 Event Submission Opens
July 6, 2020 Event Catalog Released
July 13, 2020 Event Registration Opens
July 20, 2020 Event Submission Closes

This is a summary list of important dates and reminders. It is by no means comprehensive - please refer to the Event Host Policy for full details on what you need to do for your events.

Important Links & Files

First time GM looking for a basic introduction? Read through these tips, which were originally created for Gen Con Indy, and the information below, and then let us know if you have other questions.

  • Event Host Policy
    This covers all the rules and policies that cover almost any kind of event that could occur at Gen Con Online. Not everything applies to all events, but you should read the whole thing - by submitting events you agree to abide by it.
  • How To Guide for EOs & GMs
    This one-stop guide takes you through everything you need to know about how to run your events during Gen Con Online. Includes where to access your events in the system, a walk-through of the Event Messaging Tool, an overview of the collecting and selling ticket process, where you can go for help during the convention, and more.
  • Best Practices for Running or Attending Events Online
    This contains a list of important tips to keep in mind for both running AND attending events, and is specifically tailored to running events during Gen Con Online.
  • Third Party Platforms
    This contains a non-exclusive list of third party platforms that can be used to run events at Gen Con Online. GMs and EOs will choose the third party platform their event will run on; it will not be provided by Gen Con.
  • Event Organizer and Game Master Forum
    A good place to go if you have questions and want to get help from other GMs.
  • EO/GM Email List
    Sign up for this newsletter to make sure you get updates and reminders about submitting and running events for both Gen Con Online, and future Gen Con events. This is separate from the general Gen Con email list and we periodically add GMs to it, but it's safer to sign yourself up directly.

How To Submit Events

Submitting events for Gen Con Online is a pretty simple process. You just need to use our online event submission form to send us the details for your event. You need to sign into your account to submit an event, but you do not need a badge. However, remember that badges are completely free to attend Gen Con Online.

  1. Click on Submit a New Event at the left or under the Host menu at the top.
  2. Fill out the submission form as accurately and completely as possible.
    1. This may be your one chance to entice a player to come check out your game - use it.
    2. Do not repeat information across multiple fields if at all possible. Your company or group name should only appear in that field, for example. RPGs and LARPs should not use the adventure/scenario name for the title. Do not repeat things like number of players, duration, material provided, rules taught, etc. in the description - there are separate fields for that and you're wasting precious space - the short description can only be 200 characters.
    3. Do NOT include a link to your specific platform location (i.e. the link to join the game) in the platform field or message to registered players; just a general notation of the platform. You don't want people crashing your event by posting the link publicly. You can provide a specific link to your attendees using the event messaging tool.
  3. Click on "Submit this event!" to send your event to us for review. You can also click on "Save this event for later" if you want to submit it later, but you must have filled out at least the required fields before you can save.

Once you have entered your event, you can click on Event Submissions to get to your event list and review your events or check their status. If you are ever unsure whether your events have been reviewed yet or are active, just check there.

You can also edit and update your events until they have been Accepted for Consideration.

This video walks through the event submission form for Gen Con Online, and includes some key tips on how to successfully submit events. The entire video also includes an overview of the event submission process and the key new features you'll want to be aware of when managing your online events.

Further Questions?

If you have any other questions, concerns, problems or issues, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected], post in the GM forum, or call us directly at 206-957-3976 x3811 (just remember we're on Pacific time).