How many Gencon's?
Posted by astrosetz

Been going for 31 years; missed two here in Wisconsin many years ago, and one of the early Indy ones.

Posted by srullmann

This year will be 28 consecutive for me.

Posted by jsfetzik

This will be number 36 for me. First time was 1981 at UW Parkside. The first two years were one day attendance. After that they were all four days.

Posted by sodeak

every one since 2010, started coming in the hopes of bumping into an old high school/college buddy who use to attend in the 90s.  Sadly he passed away this year and we never got to attend together.  Will be partying hard in Indy this year in his memory.

Posted by rhone1

I think I'm at 16 or 17 now.  

Posted by psimon

18 for me. The last 5 years it was in Milwaukee I went for a day, but in Indy I've always gone the whole time. Last year was my first time staying til Monday, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.  

Posted by icespark

This will be #14 for me.  :)

Posted by varelseshrike

This is 9 for me. I thought it was good until I read the others. Wow....

Posted by david campbell

Ninth year for me as well.

Posted by whisper721

Started going in 2013

Posted by baronzemo99

1994,1998,1999,2002,2005,2006,2010,2012,2013,2014,2015 and this year

Posted by mike muad'dib

This will be my sixth, every year since 2011. Tons of respect to the guys and gals with 30 year streaks going. The First Ones.

Posted by x51

13th one in a row this year and I still get excited about attending. Wish I would have gone to Milwaukee when it was close (lived in Chicago suburbs) Now, I live in Florida, but I don't mind the travel. It adds to the adventure that is Gen Con.

Posted by ladyimm

I have gone consistently since 1996 - so this makes my 20th year.

Ah, those years when I used to JUST do the 4-day all day Star Trek LARP... good times :D.

Then that ended and I discovered 'wow! I can do all this instead?' -- more good times! :D

Posted by rhone1

I think this will be my 17th.

My first was 1981 at University of Wisconsin, Parkside

3 years to Gen Con So Cal and the rest in Indy.

Posted by bgeipel

13th for me


Posted by jhough

23rd for me.  Over the years I've had every style of badge.  Last year I had someone playing one of my games who was younger than my badge holder.  

I miss that 4 day Star Trek LARP

Posted by bith

16th for me.  Very easy to keep track :).

Posted by sirnot

This is number 18 for me.  My first was in 91.  Starting in 96, I have attended all but 3.  97-2000 was as a volunteer for Decipher, 2003 through 2006 was as a volunteer for WizKids and the last 10 years for myself (though I am running some independent events for the second year in a row).

Posted by tdb

This will be #14 for me, I've made it every year it's been in Indy.  I always wanted to go back in the 80's but couldn't afford it.

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