How many Gencon's?
Posted by turbostar

I've been to 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015 and hoping for this year.

Will be my 11th trip to the show!

Posted by ticktack

'03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, looks like this year will be lucky #13!


Posted by beldar1215

I think this will be my 9th or 10th. My 3rd in a row.

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brotherbock wrote:
kaledor wrote:
brotherbock wrote:
kaledor wrote:
1976 was my first GENCON IX... We did go in 1975 for 1/2 day but I honestly do not remember going. :(
Stayed with my grand parents in Madison, WI every summer.

Housing is bad now. I even checked with your grandparents for this year. Booked. :) So has it been every year since 76 then? 
We stay in the JW Marriott every year - VIG member.No it was not every year since 1976, I joined the military and missed a lot of years due to service. I went ever year from 1975 - 1984 then from 1984 - 2004 I did attend GENCON 13 times, only missed out on GENCON when I was overseas in the military.

Thanks for serving. I've never been able to afford VIG, so it's into the housing scrum with all the rest. I treat it like a pre-con larp. My character goals are to get a good hotel room. 
I know the feeling! Been there, done that, and I really do have a t-shirt for it!


Posted by aldctjoc

How many Gencon's?

Really, there's just the one in Indianapolis now...


Posted by bassman

This will be #15

Posted by glory

This is my 12th consecutive year. 

Posted by pwalley

29, 1988 on

I do miss the MACCA years.

Posted by pwalley aldctjoc

aldctjoc wrote:
How many Gencon's?

Really, there's just the one in Indianapolis now...
for now, look at how many Wizard World shows spun off Chicago Comicon when the Wizards of the Coast "acquired" it.

Posted by trace_sl pwalley

pwalley wrote:
29, 1988 on
I do miss the MACCA years.


Miss the Safe House a lot :(  yep, but Milwaukee just was not as gamer friendly as Indy has been.

Posted by brotherbock trace_sl

trace_sl wrote:
pwalley wrote:
29, 1988 on
I do miss the MACCA years.

 Miss the Safe House a lot :(  yep, but Milwaukee just was not as gamer friendly as Indy has been.

Very much agreed. There's also less downtown infrastructure overall, restaurants and such, aside from Housing. But the people of Indy have always embraced Gencon, it's really been great. 

Posted by jmg7781

11 consecutive years.

Posted by jbship628

This will be GENCON number 6 for me.

2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and now 2016.  

Finances and the later dates made 2013 a pain. Those later dates are going to make next year almost impossible to get to as well as they run smack into the new school year starting.

I also realize that my dates pretty much coincide with the huge influx of people into the con. Sorry about that. (But not that sorry)

Posted by brion

This year will be my 6th in a row, from 2011 on. 

Posted by aldalais

I went back in I believe '05 or '06. This is my first time back since where I actually am an adult and can afford to really enjoy the con like I want. 

Posted by stormforge

For me, about 17. I went to my first in 1982 and then through 1987, skipped several in the 90s also due work or other things getting in the way, but made several and then every Indy con except the 1st there.

Posted by ironsphinx

Iirc, have only skipped two GenCon's since 2002: 2008 and 2014. So that puts me at 12.

Posted by tomorrow1969

This year marks my 10th consecutive!  Through fire and rain, I have made GenCon one of the highlights of my year!

Posted by vickers1

This is my 5th year of the Gen Con Experience and so on.

Posted by matthias9

This year will be my 31st Gencon (all consecutive).

I'm glad to see this thread.  I had wondered about this question.  I had figured there were people who had attended more times than me (gamers can be a dedicated lot), but the number cannot be too tremendously high.  The first Gencon I attended was 1986 where an estimated 5000 people attended.  The pool of people who could have attended more than me is that number, at most.

I think the highest number I saw mentioned in this thread was 39, which means that this person would have attended Gencon XI in 1978 where 2000 were in attendance.  So, at absolute most, 2000 people are available to break that "record", but of course few will have attended every one since (and many are no longer even with us).

This assumes that the count includes only the traditional Gencon (Indy, Milwaukee, Parkside, etc.).  If your count includes other Gencons (SoCal, UK, etc) it will be possible to get to higher numbers.

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