Sunday Evening socializing event
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Posted by aaronmlopez

Scotty's would work for my group as well. 

Posted by x51

I am in as well. 

Posted by lanefan

Scotty's sounds great!

(boy this is going to be a beery GenCon week!) :)

Posted by keithbradburn psimon

psimon wrote:
Let's go with Scotty's.
I'll call to make sure they can handle a group of about 25. That might be optimistic...    but who knows?  Anyway, they'll be able to flex either way, they're open til 11pm, and I've been there before; this last part is important to me. 
Scotty's should be fine with the huge outdoor seating area, especially if the weather is nice .

Posted by julz05

Scotty's sounds good.  What time are we meeting up?

Posted by aaronmlopez

The last time that was specified was 5pm-ish.

We just need a headcount and a list of Forum Usernames for those who are going to go. 

(And we need to make this an Annual event!!!)

Posted by ronin357

Would like to attend as well. :) 

Posted by tinkertanner

My friend and I may be interested.

Posted by virtualwizard

I'll be in town until Monday morning, so count me in. Sunday 5pm at Scotty's?

Posted by psimon

Sounds bueno. 

Scotty's, Sunday, 5pm.

The first annual GenCon Rearguard gathering. Sounds like good times.  (^_^

Posted by joecool10424

Interesting. I just saw this thread and decided to call Scotty's. They have booked the entire location for a private Gen Con event for Sunday evening. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I'm also a possible (if not at Nicky Blaine's), if I'm awake. :)

I would suggest Monument Circle if it's as nice as it's supposed to be (around 80).

Posted by psimon

Ha!  Great to know. Okay, also called, now re-shopping for a fallback location...

Posted by vickers1

Sounds like a plan

Posted by x51

Let us know. I am down for just about anywhere downtown. 

Posted by x51

Hey, Ladies and Gents. I was hoping to still get together. There are plenty of places to still meet. Ram, Colts grill, Champions, bucca Di pepof etc.

Also, I am staying at the Marriott and would be interested in playing a casual game or two into the evening. Or just some talk about convention glory over a beverage would suffice.

One more day!

Posted by albertross

Definitely would like to toast the end of my first GenCon, whether over dinner and drinks or just over a board game. I'm the only member of my group staying through the end of Sunday, so I'm watching this thread with hope!

Posted by aaronmlopez

My group is going to Giordano's when we finish up at 4pm. We're walking so with meeting back up, it may be around 4:45p before we get there.

Posted by psimon

Giordano's sounds fine. I haven't been there, but I haven't had time to be diligent in my scouting. My early evening looks a bit wonky, but I'd like to be there by 5 or so. If this place works for everyone - no smoking, cats, walnuts, bee stings, and they're not closed for some special event - drift over that way around then.

First peeps there leave word at the front for those looking for "gencon rearguard" and find an area that looks like it might hold 15 or so. 


Posted by x51

Sounds good!

Posted by holywhatever

A buddy and I are looking to play some games tonight after the con, if anyone's planning on running any

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