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Posted by david campbell alans

alans wrote:
Use their Facebook and message them instead of email, I got very quick responses...

Called and spoke with someone; they told me my parking pass would be waiting for me at Gate Ten Parking, reserved under my name and email address. Since I bought it through their website (no longer an option) I don't need to go to Will Call.

He also said they'd be open by 6am on Wednesday. Very cool.

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david campbell wrote:
It looks like if you buy it directly on their website as opposed to through the Gen Con ticketing system you can skip the Will Call. It says "Fulfilled electronically by email" when you add it to the cart; so they must email the parking pass to you. Very cool.
Gate 10 will send you a confirmation email. But you pick up the pass there at the lots.

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monkeyknifefight wrote:
ultron87 wrote:
I bought a pass directly from their website yesterday, since that seemed like it would get around the whole "having to go to Will Call" thing.
As of today, that option has disappeared from their direct order system (https://squareup.com/store/gatetenIndy). I'm now curious if I'm still good or if they'll be giving me a refund and have me go through the Gen Con system. I already emailed them with a question about how I'd get my pass (since I just have the order/payment confirmation right now) so hopefully they'll get back to me soon.
How did you buy it through their site? Whenever I click on the links on their site it directs me to GenCon's event.
I've used Gate Ten before. They have overnight parking, they are very reputable, they have attendants on duty at least during the event at all times. Their staff is very helpful and polite.

Posted by indigopet

We were very pleased with our parking at Gate Ten. We parked Tue-Sun. The folks were friendly, it was easy to find and also to leave going north on Sun. We didn't use the shuttle but the walk was not an issue for us.

Posted by david campbell

Same; moved my car there early Wednesday morning and picked it right up after 4pm on Sunday. Will use them again next year!

Posted by monkeyknifefight

We used it and it was great. However having to pick it up through will call was stupid and a huge waste of time. That is my only problem with it. Especially since people who procrastinated could buy it direct for the same price by waiting until the last minute and not deal with the will call nightmare and trucking back and forth to the convention center.

Posted by bakermouse10133

Agree with other posters, having to pick up ticket at will call then exchange for a pass was a pain, but their service more than made up for it. I parked at their overflow lot and I liked it better than the main lot. The shuttles were great, drivers always friendly and helpful. The lot spaces were well marked and the staff at the lot were also very nice and helpful.

Would definitely park there again next year!

Posted by garhkal

I got a parking spot in a Garage up Ohio street, 2-3 lights down from the Sheradon hotel, that was 13 a day (no in and out privileges though).  And after checking out of my hotel at 7am sunday, i parked on the street just the other side of the westin for free..  Total for me was 66 bucks..  If that 'gate ten' lot offer is available next year, i just might have to take them up!

Posted by octaviancmb

I had a very positive experience from Gate 10. I hope they're going to do it again next year.

Posted by alans

Other than the Will Call issue, the parking was great using Gate 10.  The driver on Monday told me they were going to the website-only model next year.  Less headaches for them, too, as they had people leave their cars in the Will Call temporary parking and not move them.
He said it was very busy!

Posted by garhkal

GOOD.. I would love to book with them next year.

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...sigh.  I had big plans to save money on parking this year.  But then the valet came out of the Homewood and offered to park my car.  I did the math in my head and in the moment the $40 i could save didn't seem worth the effort.

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nascragman wrote:
...sigh.  I had big plans to save money on parking this year.  But then the valet came out of the Homewood and offered to park my car.  I did the math in my head and in the moment the $40 i could save didn't seem worth the effort.
For $40 I might not do it either. But with the Marriott properties charging $45 a night that translated to a $100 savings. That was enough to sway me.

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