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For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Have two in block rooms. 1-Downtown. 1-North.
Started by utgrad97
Last post by utgrad97 7
Looking for double queen downtown
Started by jimrules27
Last post by jimrules27 2
Looking for Downtown room
Started by findelhe
Last post by findelhe 1
TRADE: Have King at downtown Hilton: Want room at Sheraton downtown
Started by archaea
Last post by djanedi 3
Giving up 2 Dbl/Dbl Rooms @ Sheraton Keystone Crossing
Started by utgrad97
Last post by utgrad97 5
Omni Hotel Rooms (skywalk to ICC) available OOB
Started by kingemer
Last post by kingemer 1
Looking for Connected Downtown Room Single King/Wednesday-Thursday to Sunday
Started by audioslave
Last post by audioslave 3
Looking for a King room at the Westin.
Started by freebfrost
Last post by freebfrost 1
Looking for downtown room
Started by cmlavin
Last post by cmlavin 2
Looking for 2bed in bloc downtown, have 2bed in bloc by airport
Started by komoridarkclaw
Last post by komoridarkclaw 3
Fountain View Inn- 1.5 miles from ICC
Started by daringdragoon
Last post by daringdragoon 1
TRADE: Have Downtown Hilton Deluxe King, Looking for Downtown Hilton Double Queen
Started by bootylactin
Last post by bootylactin 3
Nascrag needs a Downtown room
Started by nascragman
Last post by nascragman 4
Need downtown room/rooms. Any size.
Started by utgrad97
Last post by utgrad97 5
WANT: downtown room; HAVE: OOB Sleep Inn room
Started by father bloodlust
Last post by father bloodlust 5
Aide in my search for downtown room~
Started by britbrit
Last post by britbrit 3
Got an extra room or two? I'm interested in taking it off your hands.
Started by klaron
Last post by utgrad97 2
Need a downtown room for my pregnant wife.
Started by thesnyderguy
Last post by thesnyderguy 2
Looking for room downtown connected
Started by tzazen
Last post by tzazen 1
Hilton garden rooms avail out of block
Started by boc_mage
Last post by father bloodlust 4
Maggi needs a downtown room!
Started by maggibot
Last post by maggibot 2
looking to join a room near the convention center.  preferably a hotel with free breakfast.
Started by persiandragoon
Last post by persiandragoon 1
Looking to TRADE Double/Double at downtown Homewood Suites for King room downtown
Started by sarena
Last post by patapat 2
Looking for downtown room
Started by atlronmexico
Last post by atlronmexico 2
Interested in lowering the cost of your downtown room by adding paying roomie?
Started by eric_hert
Last post by eric_hert 1
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