Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Seeking room for 1, GenCon Newbie
Started by nfirehazzard
Last post by nfirehazzard 1
Room Available: Dbl/Dbl at downtown Westin (in-block)
Started by suburbaknght
Last post by ismikeup 6
Room Available - Sheraton Downtown
Started by djanedi
Last post by ismikeup 2
Room Available - Double / Double
Started by archon86
Last post by archon86 1
Room Available at Clarion Hotel Waterfront Parkway
Started by cav1967
Last post by cav1967 1
Looking to transfer my room at the Hilton Garden Inn, downtown Indy​
Started by adamduggins
Last post by aambrose 7
Looking for one it or two folks to share King with roll away bed at Hilton Garden Inn downtown.
Started by timeisner1
Last post by timeisner1 3
Looking for a Skywalk Hotel
Started by frankleinbach
Last post by divachelle 5
Newcomer to GenCon, hoping to have a place to put his head.
Started by mc43
Last post by robototom 3
Anyone want Holiday Inn Express - Airport - Plainfield
Started by enigma1122
Last post by enigma1122 1
Double/Double Available at Hampton Inn and Suites
Started by patapat
Last post by patapat 4
Looking to Transfer Omni King Reservation
Started by casien
Last post by casien 3
Have Candlewood Suites, would like anything closer
Started by ladyisla
Last post by ladyisla 7
Looking to share downtown
Started by sduncan
Last post by sduncan 1
Have 2 Downtown King Rooms (Conrad, Westin), looking for connected Double/Double
Started by inazuma99
Last post by inazuma99 10
Looking for a downtown room
Started by hotmachete
Last post by hotmachete 1
Looking to Trade Standard King at the Marriott for Less Expensive Room Downtown
Started by lesleykate
Last post by lesleykate 3
A double queen at the alexander is open
Started by findelhe
Last post by findelhe 2
Dbl/Dbl at the Sheraton City Centre just opened up (got a room closer)
Started by malcore1976
Last post by malcore1976 2
Two Gencon Rookies looking for Dowtown Room
Started by p3ndrag0n
Last post by p3ndrag0n 18
First time attendee, board game designer looking to to share a room
Started by timeisner1
Last post by erik_liera 2
Traditional King at Hilton Indianapolis available
Started by gennataos
Last post by p3ndrag0n 6
Looking for a downtown room for 1 adult/3kids
Started by jlimoco
Last post by jlimoco 1
Looking For Downtown Hotel Room
Started by fyrestryke
Last post by fyrestryke 1
One person looking for room/roommate downtown (floor will work)
Started by miamiandy
Last post by miamiandy 1
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