Badge # ?
Posted by alans

So: DON'T post your actual badge number here. 

BUt, I was interested in how high the numbers (aka ID #) have gotten.  I got in right when they did the changeover several years ago, so my # is in the mid- 200s.

I think it's nice that they your number stays with you from year to year....

Posted by david campbell

I'm in the low 500s; and this is only my 10th Gen Con. Got in right after the changeover as well.

Posted by bugwar

Last year there were about 60k attendees, so I'm guessing that the highest number is about 60,000.
Assuming that there aren't duplicates.

Posted by yadnad

Where do you see your badge #?

Posted by jobeth66 bugwar

bugwar wrote:
Last year there were about 60k attendees, so I'm guessing that the highest number is about 60,000.
Assuming that there aren't duplicates.

No, there aren't duplicates, and anyone who has ever gotten a badge still has their number - they don't reuse them.  So my number is 16X,XXX.  My husband's is 16X,XXY (because his is one higher than mine).  :)

Posted by jobeth66 yadnad

yadnad wrote:
Where do you see your badge #?

Easiest way is to look up at the top of this page next to your userID.  there should be a number.  That's your badge number.

Posted by austicke

I think badges were somewhere in the 200k range. Hopefully someone who registered for the first time yesterday will chime in.

Posted by jeff321

My first year was 2014 and I am 160,XXX

Posted by jigreene

Last year was my first year and I am 24X,XXX

Posted by funny-shaped dice

Registered my wife for her first Gen Con yesterday within 5 minutes of Open Registration.  Her number is in upper portion of 200K-300K range.  Mine is almost 100,000 lower (I started attending Gen Con again in 2015) - so it's added about 50,000 unique badges or so each of the past two years.

Would anticipate this year's highest number will be somewhere in the 320XXX - 350XXX range. 

Posted by austicke

Got the answer from the Gen Con Indy Facebook group. Someone registered yesterday and got badge number 280XXX.

Posted by al_kesselring

My badge number is "2,XXX BC".  GRIN. 

I'm one of the original bricks that built Gencon.

Posted by twosheds

I'm in the 20k spectrum, and I've been coming since 2004 so not that long over the whole history of the con.

Posted by braewe

I was being somewhat elitist a few years ago about my 3 digit badge number when a friend looked over and said yeah and? -- his number was in the 2 digits. :D He GM's for Wizards of the Coast. Guess they got in early!

Posted by ninthsphere

15,7XX......My 20th year!

Posted by rhone1

18XX for me.  Been going steady since 2004.

Posted by dmhops

This will be my 20th Gen Con.  I have a 3 digit badge number.

Posted by njseahawksfan

I'm in the 66K range and I'm on my 6th or 7th consecutive ... I starting coming right before the massive spike in attendance.

Posted by nascragman

You aren't a REAL GenConner unless your badge is under 10k.  Just sayin'


Posted by redknight79

My first time back in 15 years, my ID is 287xxx

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