Gen Con Rear Guard
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Posted by aaronmlopez

Once again, the Gen Con Rear Guard will be gathering at the end of the con to allow folks to share stories, hang out, play games, and whatever! This is the fourth year for this drop-in/drop-out event and is very relaxed. We generally meet from 5 pm to 11 pm on the last day of Gen Con (This year it will fall on Aug 4). In past years we have met at either a restaurant or a hotel, I am still working on where we will meet this year.

This year, let's plan on meeting in the lobby of the JW Marriott or another connected hotel. 

Willing to run:
Aaron - 3x5: A Very Little RPG (4 players) all materials provided! No experience necessary! 

Please note: This is not an "official" Gen Con event as they don't allow us to schedule after 4pm on the last day of Gen Con. 


Posted by dranthor

I'm definitely interested in this. I don't have a sunday night reservation but am hoping that closer to time they might have one open. Not sure why I didn't book it originally through sunday night. I have planned all along to be there through sunday and leave monday

Now I have a sunday night reservation so I'm definitely interested in doing something sunday night

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?


Is this the sort of thing where, closer to the time, you're going to want people to volunteer to run games*? 
* By which I guess I mean RPGs.

Posted by funny-shaped dice

My wife and I’d definitely be up for something like this.  Definitely keep the group posted and let us know how we can get on an announcement list or get in touch so we know where things are happening.

Posted by komoridarkclaw

*Marking this thread to see where everyone ends up since I am flying out Monday

*Edit* I am planning on bringing Secret Hitler, which can play 10

Posted by aaronmlopez

In the past, people have just brought games to play, be it an RPG, boardgame, or whatever. In the past it has ranged far and wide the games that were brought. If you are willing to run a game, comment below with what you are willing to run and the number of people that can play below! I'll add it to the original post.

Posted by hikeeba

I wouldn't mind joining in.  Sounds like a nice way to chill after the con.

Posted by roundtop

There are three of us staying sunday night. We might show, depends how tired we are after the show

Posted by vickers1

Sounds like a great idea.  I would try to make it.

Posted by divachelle

We’ve been to this before and it’s a great time. 

We’re likely in for this and we’re willing to bring some games and snacks. 

Some of what we’ve played here included:
Lords of Waterdeep
Sheriff of Nottingham 
Camel Up
Formula D


Posted by indynat

How newbie friendly is it?

Posted by quarex

I am always intrigued by these threads.  Maybe this will finally be the legendary year where I can stay past Sunday afternoon...yeah probably not.  Haha.  Did the Gen-Con Forward Guard ever get going last year?  :)  I should be arriving Monday evening again personally.

Posted by aaronmlopez indynat

indynat wrote:
How newbie friendly is it?

We are very newbie friendly! This is really an informal gathering for people to share stories, show off loot, play some games, and meet new people! It is organized as a drop-in, drop-out type of thing. 

Posted by aaronmlopez

Updated original post with a proposed meeting place.

Posted by sarimanna

We are staying through to Monday.   So count us in!  I hope the JW is where we wind up.  I have limited mobility so long distances are more complicated for me.  But the Marriott or Westin would be doable  too.

Posted by virtualwizard

I'll should be around Sunday. I'll have to consider what to bring.

Posted by smarty_213

I'm very interested in this; I just have to figure out how much time I'll have free Sunday afternoon.

Posted by boc_mage

My group of 3/4 staying through till Mon, we usually find a bar and then game till we finally wind down. Over at the Embassy this year, wouldn't mind some extra gaming and meeting with geeks. For those of us who volunteer/GM in some form Sun night is a rare time to actually game a bit vs running a game.

Posted by helenbb

My husband would love to attend!

Posted by rhhata

Is it okay for someone to show up and just pull out a RPG scenario they've been working on and ask "Hey, anyone want to play?"?  I'm thinking of having something 'in my back pocket' to pull out during a down time, and would consider running it here, if it's allowed (and I actually have it ready).

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