What Time Did You Get?
Posted by njseahawksfan

5:24pm here.


One member of group reports 4:37 and another reports 2:53.  One more check in to go ...

Posted by thesnyderguy

1:32pm. Feeling pretty decent about my chances. 

Posted by [email protected]

1:35pm, here is hoping I can get a connected hotel at that time this year!

Posted by sstalker23

Personally 6:12. So far earliest in my group is 12:16. Still waiting on one other to respond. 

Posted by cheezcb

I got 1:08.  I'm happy with that.

Posted by fleviseur

214pm est.  Fingers crossed.

Posted by awyldknght

Earliest in my group is 2:54pm, which is mine. 

Posted by thetiniestgiant

I got 12:26, which should be pretty good!

Posted by armadilloal

3:36, which is simultaneously the best I've ever gotten and, judging by the spread I'm seeing on Facebook, not going to be good enough this year.

Posted by chadrea


Posted by technoir

Late enough that I'm VERY VERY glad out of block housing downtown is so dependable lol

Posted by necros82

Well looking at some of the posts I'm still not excited about my 3:19, but it apparently could have been way worse.  Best of luck to all of us.

Posted by madsalad

2:03. Could be way worse.

Posted by gdccommander

I booked an AirBNB yesterday.  Forget dealing with the insanity, and my time slot always sucks.

The email comes in and I have 12:01 EST...

Posted by captain 10beers

I got totally hosed with 6:39. 


Posted by talonkane

I got 4:34 PM my wife got 3:30 PM. The last time we attempted this two years ago downtown housing was gone sometime after 1 PM. Unless the hotels decided to literally block off every single room they have during that period, I feel anything after 1 PM is screwed.

Posted by werner1138

1:04. With a 5 year old, I’m very happy with that time. 

Posted by jzehner

4:08 for me...but my wife got 1:10.  Hoping that is enough to get downtown.

Posted by rayken

Noticing a ton more people with early times. I expect downtown rooms to sell out faster than 3:45 PM like last year.

Posted by bubba87pug

6:20 :-(

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