What Time Did You Get?
Posted by ematuskey

6pm.  But I already had a room at the new Embassy Suites by the airport reserved for just this eventuality.  ;)  The friend I'm going with got a 1:53pm time, but I'm not holding my breath for a downtown room!

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david campbell wrote:
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You can see the Facebook poll here.
Interestingly, it appears access times are tighter this year. Last year, many had times later than 10pm. This year, it appears that 7pm is around the upper limit.
Unfortunately, that may mean that downtown hotel rooms sell out earlier this year. Last year they sold out at 3:55pm.
Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Looks like there are a few now reporting after 8pm, (well, 2) so it could be your sample size. There are thousands of folks that may not have even seen an email yet, or may not do Facebook. The ones with the best times are most excited to tell others......and that’s exactly what I’m telling myself. Another in my group got 1:10, so feeling good.

With 2:19, I'm REALLY hoping this is a case of self-reporting bias.
Is there a poll from last year to compare this to?

Nah, too many have replied. Yes, the same poll was conducted last year.

Posted by alans

12:22 and 12:33.

Posted by dblade sstalker23

sstalker23 wrote:
Personally 6:12. So far earliest in my group is 12:16. Still waiting on one other to respond. 
Ha ha! 12:16 should do it!

Posted by brumcg

Our group of five appears to have failed our lottery check.  That's okay, we were due.

Best time was 3:07 followed by 4:12.

Time for plan B...

Posted by [email protected]

One of our group got 12:11 so we should be okay.

Posted by legionary

5:52, best time I have received since the lottery started.
Not ideal, but driving in isn't the end of the world as others would make it seem.

Posted by tonythetoyman

5:22 pm.

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