The "Where Are YOU Staying" Thread
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Posted by jishosan

Just sort of an informal thread, for folks who might be staying places and want to meet up for lobby gaming after GenCon, or even grab a morning Uber or Lyft rideshare, if you're outside DT.

I'm at the Embassy Suites Indianapolis North. I'm driving in from Texas, so I'll have my vehicle, which makes it a lot easier for me to go back and forth from anywhere in town. 

Posted by bushmaster

I am at the Embassy Suites Downtown.

Posted by dranthor

I'm at the westin. will be running something tuesday night probably in westin or near by.

Posted by steffles

Sheraton Downtown.

Posted by rhone1

Marriott downtown

Posted by jishosan

Damn, all you downtown stayers! :) 

Posted by maijstral2

Sheraton Downtown as well.

Posted by boc_mage

Embassy downtown though if con goes as normal i'll spend far more of my day over at LOS. Trying to cut back this year and get some actual pickup gaming in.

Posted by chadrea

Westin downtown

Posted by squirecam

Out of block at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown.

Posted by stevespikes

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Downtown (3 blocks away), courtesy of those thrice damned people snatching up all the ADA-accessible connected rooms.
I hope to switch, when cancellations happen en masse, to a connected hotel.

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

Well I currently live in Indianapolis.  For 2017 and 2018, I stayed in my nice little 1 bedroom apartment on the south side of town, approximately 7 miles from the convention center.

I have a pending job change and move up to northeastern Illinois, which is about 4 hours away.  I'm still undecided if I will actually attend this year.  I had been of the mindset "I like GenCon just enough to go there simply because it's nearby."  I mean, in 2017 I went to Will Call and got my badge during my lunch break on Wednesday, because the convention center is a 15 minute walk from my office.

If I do go this year, I guess I'll probably find some outlier hotel, then park at the lot in Circle Center Mall.  Maybe for nostalgia and familiarity reasons I'll room at one of the hotels near where I currently live, around the corner of US-31 and Thompson Street.  There's a Travelodge directly across the street from me.

Posted by aaronmlopez

I will help everyone feel better about their reservation. I am staying at the Sheraton 12.7 miles away on Keystone Crossing.

Posted by jishosan aaronmlopez

aaronmlopez wrote:
I will help everyone feel better about their reservation. I am staying at the Sheraton 12.7 miles away on Keystone Crossing.

I actually stayed at that Sheraton a couple years ago for GenCon. The lobby is set up well for group gaming, so a lot of folks used it for that purpose. It was nice to be able to pick up a couple casual games outside the con. 

Posted by roundtop

Jw marriott. But I volunteer for a vendor and they get the hotel for me (and 3 other people in the room). Been at the JW several times now. Great gaming, close to stuff, free WiFi. But the sucks part is breakfast. $30 to get breakfast .

Posted by quarex

While I would never pretend I am staying anywhere but downtown (I book 11.5 months in advance just to be sure, as I have mentioned elsewhere), my first year at Gen-Con Indy we actually were not entirely sure if we could go, so we ended up in the Homewood Suites on the outskirts of town.  Honestly, contrary to what some very angry people elsewhere on this forum have said, it was its own kind of magical experience.  Yes, when we were back at the hotel we were not immersed in the Magical Gen-Con City atmosphere, but that just meant we had some time we were all together and talking about the things we had been doing and planning for the next day.  I have found that staying at an attached hotel means you basically never decompress with your roommates back at the hotel.  I mean, that is good and bad, good in that obviously it means you are having so much fun that you only go back when it is time to pass out, but bad in that it is certainly less social.

Posted by nscott

Hilton Garden Inn at the airport. I drive, so having a car isn’t an issue and its an pretty quick drive in from there. Lots of gaming going on in the lobby so you definitely know you are at Gen Con. I rarely get event tickets to late events so it works out well.

Posted by falinsh

Embassy Suites - this is the first time I'm not staying at a Marriott oriented property with two rooms.  I made a good friend in circa 2012 while at GenCon and we can split the place with the additional room.  I got a bit tired of the walk from Lucas Oil (True Dungeon) to the JW and that was a big decider.  

Posted by mrogers

Hilton, 15 miles out! :( lol

Posted by kethryveris1980

Hampton Inn Northwest Park 100. 14 miles out, but I can't beat the price (Hilton employee discount.)

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