Convert Child account to a full account?
Posted by hauntedcity

My daughter has attended Gen Con for several years under a Child account, which did not require an email when it was created.Now, I've already purchased a full 4-day badge for her, but my wife cannot add her in Friends & Family, since there is no email associated with the account.I tried doing the "Forgot Password", but there's no record of an email, so that didn't work.  How I can add an email to my daughter's account?Thanks!Doug

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Did you try creating a full account for her?

Posted by hauntedcity

I’ve already purchased a badge through the “child” account. Can I link the two during creation?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Best to email [email protected] on this one.

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by buffythecatslayer

If you need to get event tickets for her tomorrow, just use the Get Another Ticket For Me option, since it’s unlikely you’ll get a resolution by noon.

Posted by hauntedcity

Unfortunately I can’t use “get another for me” without selecting one for me.  I tried, and after  adding to the wish list, it changes from “select another” to just me.

 I emailed Customer Service yesterday morning, but I’m sure they’re swamped with lots of other issues. :(

Posted by hauntedcity

I just got an email from Customer Service!  Mike was able to fix the problem.  Huzzah!

Posted by mikeboozer hauntedcity

hauntedcity wrote:
I just got an email from Customer Service!  Mike was able to fix the problem.  Huzzah!

He actually did something?


Posted by roderick

I do not think that word means what you think it means. 

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