EO/GM Email: Reminder: GM Badges & Special Requests (HQ, Power, etc.)
Posted by derekguder

GM Badges

Remember: GM badges are not automatic. If you are hoping to receive GM badges for yourself and/or your individual GMs, you need to follow the process outlined in the Event Host Policy, on the Host page, and in several previous GM emails:

  1. Complete the GM badge allocation request form
  2. Gen Con will create the allocation and let you know when that is complete
  3. You can then assign GM badges just like any other badge type - and make sure to use the email address your GMs have in their account, or their badge may not be properly linked with the account they are using

If you have any questions about this process or are running into any issues, please let us know, but if you are wondering where your GM badges are, make sure you have submitted that initial request.

Please complete the request form ASAP to ensure we have time to create the allocation early enough for you to assign the badges to your GMs in time for Sunday. You will not want to wait until Friday or Saturday to complete this.

Special Requests (HQs, Power, etc.) Due Sunday

As another reminder, all special request are due on Sunday, May 28 as well. This includes requests for:

  • HQ tables
  • Power
  • Special table sizes
  • Special table arrangements or room layouts
  • Anything non-standard that wasn't both limited to one event and obviously accounted for in a drop-down menu on the event submission for that event.

If you need any of these, you must fill out the special request form by Sunday. If you do not ask for it, it will not be there for you when you arrive onsite at the convention.

Posted by outofhabit

I filled out a special request form when my event was made official a week or so ago. How do I know if it was received and if it will be approved?

Posted by derekguder

You received a confirmation when you submitted the form. You are, however, only running one event and the request is limited to that single event, so you just need to note it in the special requests for it. I have updated your event appropriately.

Once we lock down the location for your event, you can follow up at that point to verify, but it shouldn't be difficult to accommodate - that's usually the kind of I think I try to do by default anyway.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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