What do YOU want to play at GC 2016
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Posted by brotherbock brotherbock

Double post

Posted by tlizerz

I would love to play some Mansions of Madness or Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Not sure what it is about haunted house games, but I love them.

Posted by firvulag

Old old school D&D (not "Chainmail" old...but just about).  Call of Cthulhu ALWAYS!!  Paranoia!!  NSDMG!!!  And I think it's time to explore what this "Settlers of Catan" talk is all about!!!

I had to sit out last year so really I'm jazzed about everything!!!

Posted by kidlidar

My wife and I are running a LARP based on the Deadlands RPG.  I ran an event last year for Milenium's End RPG, but only one person showed :(

Posted by sabel

Would love to play; FFG Star Wars rpg, Firefly, D&D 4E, L5R 4ed. Would love to see Boot Hill or Top Secret/SI

As a GM I am running D&D 4E and L5R 4ed, plus I am coming down with two other GMs and we are running several 4E D&D games, and a savage super SC2 

Posted by ronin357

World of Darkness, anyways.

Posted by mattnaik

With a few hundred dollars invested in True Dungeon tokens I will be playing a few adventures.

Other than TD, I'm hoping to get into Paranoia Trek. No luck last year but I played 2 years ago and it was so much fun!

Posted by osyrus68

My wife and I are hoping for some FFG Star Wars RPG and D&D 5th ed!!!

Posted by dukejohn

@osyrus68, you're in luck! My wife is running two FFG Star Wars EotE/AoR games and I'm running two D&D 5th edition games.


Posted by kidlidar

I would like to play 7th sea, Deadlands, or Robotech RPG.  Love those games.

Posted by osyrus68

@dukejohn/Jason -  My wife and I are newbs to GenCon so not sure how it all works yet but will you and your wife's games be in the event registration or are you just running pick up games?  


Posted by robbo

Posted by robbo


Posted by dukejohn

@osyrus68/Scott, our games will be on the list during event registration in May. Don't want to clog this thread up with the details, so shoot an email to RandomGenerationGames (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll be happy to tell you more if you're interested.


Posted by kidlidar

My wife absoutly loves dicemasters.  Anyone going to do any side events besides the worlds?

Posted by brotherbock robbo

robbo wrote:

Word. Love that game.

Posted by timjs21

Two years ago we did an event of Last Night on Earth Mega Tourney.  It was awesome.  Two gamemasters were running it and playing the zombies against 6 players.  It was a blast.  Unfortunately it wasn't back last year so I'm hoping it returns this year!


Two miniatures games - in 2013 Dragons Night Out and in 2014 Reaper Dungeon Crawl - both run by Warlord 2nd edition, that were a ton of fun.  Unfortunately they were not at GenCon last year.  I'm hoping they will be back this year as well!

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Posted by shipwreck

Dungeon World
Night Witches
Bluebeard's Bride

Plenty of others :)

Posted by meep288

I wouldn't mind if there was a Warhammer 30k/Horus Heresy event, would love a reason to break out my Iron Warriors.

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