June Health and Safety Update
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Posted by donaldbain greylore

greylore wrote:
I'm sick and tired of all these whiney people...

Posted by bsericks hahnarama

hahnarama wrote:
bsericks wrote:
I love how they announce this after the refund period.  Bunch of dill holes.

No one could have sees Delta being out of control. I get it you're angry but focus it on the anti vaxxers.
Why would I get angry at someone that I don't care about making a personal decision that's none of my f*cking business?

I think anger and frustration should be directed towards those people who enact dumb policies that directly affects us.  As a population, I'm pretty sure a vast majority people don't really give a sh*t about covid anymore.

People should be allowed to roll the dice and take the risks THEY CHOSE TO and be forced to follow bureaucratic policies put forth by corrupt douche bags.

As far as variant D goes,  Whoopity Doo.

Posted by roderick

Okay, that's enough. Thread locked. 

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