D&D and Baldman Games @ Gen Con
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Posted by komoridarkclaw narzat

We're three players looking to build out a party for The D&D eXPerience - Season 10 - Tier One.  So far, we have:
Dragonborn Druid (aiming for Circle of Wildfire)
Human Ranger (probably headed for Swarmkeeper)
Human Cleric (Twilight Domain)
Sorry if this double posts, having issues with the forums. 

Anyway, I represent myself and two friends. I've played a lot of Adventures League over the years, as well as DMed a pathfinder campaign for 4 years. My friends have been playing their homebrew campaign for over 2 years now. I am mostly about the RP, though I am pretty good at moving things along if needed. My friends are tactically.... Questionable? But get things done anyway. Also shenanigans.

Last I heard we're planning:
An Infiltrator Artifice
A rogue
A sun soul Monk, though I am a serial filler and will be bringing a slew of premade classes as well. 

Since the tables are for 6, we could combine our group with Narzat, or just see who else comes along. Honestly just glad to play XD


Posted by narzat

Hey, Komori, that could work well, with our sneaky ranger and the twilight cleric helping the skulkers.  Might require having a small split in the party, since we wouldn’t all be stealthy, but could work in the right situations.  We’d be a little short on the arcane side, but that is probably manageable, especially at low level like we’ll be doing.  How about we call it a tentative plan, and confirm once we see whether any better matches show up for each of our subgroups?

Posted by komoridarkclaw

Sounds fine with me, and my friends are good with whatever works out.

Posted by narzat

Good deal, I’m 6’3" and will be wearing a white Darth Vader shirt, so I should be easy to spot at mustering. See you tomorrow!

Posted by dukejohn

Just a thank-you post for @wavester and the whole Baldman Games team: we got to play in three DDAL games, and they were all fantastic. The entire team were extremely efficient at getting everyone where they needed to be and despite being shorthanded, were nothing but courteous. They even rounded up a DM to run a session for a whole groups of us who wanted to get in on generics (and she was a GREAT GM!).

Anyway, thank you for making it one of the highlights of our con!

Posted by wavester

Glad you had a great time. Now we all need to come back next year, for a normal show, and bring 40-50,000 of our best friends with us.

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