Only one Vax check location?
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Posted by wavester

It's beyond fast and easy. I interacted with more people trying to walk past Starbucks then I did getting my wristband

Posted by rfsullivan

Can confirm; the crew is steamrolling through the line. Saw one case where someone was distracted for a moment, and didn't notice the line had moved a good 15+ feet in the meantime.

Posted by cmegus

At 4:30pm local time, I can report that the line is over a mile long to check Vaxx. The good news is that the line is moving more or less. The bad news is … looks like an hour wait (not brutal) and haven’t even officially started Gen Con and already have almost 2 miles in. Wear comfy shoes…


Posted by aldctjoc

I walked by it a bit after 5:30. It's actually moving well. 

It's long as heck, but it's moving well. The part I saw covered the length of the Sagamore concourse and wrapped around through the area where the minis painting tables used to be. I didn't look for where the end was, I just knew it wrapped around the escalators near the Westin skywalk. Looked pretty long.

Posted by mikeboozer

It is long right now, but moving fast.


Posted by kertdawg

This is the longest line I have ever seen. Nobody knows where to direct you to get in line, since it's constantly growing down hallways like an 80s video game. The staff are overwhelmed. It's moving, but it's growing at a faster rate. I believe the second floor is going to run out of space soon. 

Posted by nate_lockhart

The line definitely stopped from like 5:30 to 6:00 for a break, and for some reason there were only two tables processing cards. And it was "paused" for a while because it was too long, which is the opposite of a solution if I've ever seen one. (I don't care what terms people want to use here, but the guy at the con said CLOSED) Friends waited 45 minutes. I've seen times all over the place from 3 minutes up to an 90. Direction is all over the place. Bunches of people kicked out of line. Some people told to come back tomorrow. But then the line keeps getting longer. People say it's closed, it's not closed, come back later, come back tomorrow. Not enough people and totally unprepared. Somebody better be reevaluating plans for tomorrow or it's gonna get crazy when people are coming in and the line is "paused" until later leaving people to just sit around. 

Posted by burrfoot72

Just got in line at 9:11PM.  Overlooking Cardhalla.  No idea where this line goes other than it passes here in the opposite direction at some point.  It’s like a second floor tour of the convention center.

Posted by dpuck1998

Wow. Obviously ill prepared for this. Line snakes through tight corridors elbow to elbow. But at least we are all vaxed right. 

Posted by kevinrg

Guess I was really wrong on the nightmare portion.   If I got into line now and needing to go to will call, I'd be concerned about even being able to do that all for any early events.

Posted by burrfoot72

9:24.  Just made the turn to double back the way I came.

Posted by dpuck1998

If I were part of this organization Id be embarrassed and or fired. If this is what the weekend will be like it will be my last gencon. 

Posted by burrfoot72

9:40.  Back at Cardhalla overlook.

Posted by marcraxus

Some friends of ours thought they were in line for over 40 minutes. Turns out random people had formed into what they thought was the line.

She passed me and my wife a second time and figured something was wrong. 

I saw three people directing traffic, one holding an end of line sign and two cutting the line off at points to not block hallways. That was it.

Posted by burrfoot72

9:56.  In the room.  Line snake.  Feels like I’m in line for Its a Small World.  

Posted by burrfoot72

10:03.  Wristband acquired.  At the end of the day it is what it is.  On to the fun.

Posted by dpuck1998

Agreed. An hour of time isnt the end of the world but could have easily been avoided. 

Posted by gamingforever

Dreadful experience in vax line.  The line doesn’t start at the Sagamore room.  It starts at a random place somewhere on the ICC second floor.  Took 10 minutes of walking, backtracking the actual line to find the end.  Asked every staff encountered where the line end was; none had any idea (because it was evolving randomly through ICC).  How about you post a map outside Sagamore showing where the actual line starts, kept updated by staff radio contact.  Then took 50 minutes in the actual line.  This was Wed night at 8/9PM.

  • One hour of time consumed (much longer than advertised “fast moving line”)
  • Approximately one mile of walking in the actual line, plus walking the line backward
  • NO air conditioning except for the last 3 minutes in the vac room.  Miserable experience and soaking clothes from sweat by the end.
  • Maximum size option bracelet is tight and cuts into my wrist.
  • As noted above by others, the line crossed twice down a narrow hallway perhaps 6 feet across maybe 100 feet long.  100+ people in that hall at any one time with no social distance and no mask mandate.  Entirely defeats the purpose of all of this.
  • One single line at one room, instead of spreading out.  If you had 4 vac sites, the lines could have been one quarter the length, even if still an hour wait.  Plus more convenient locations for everyone.

Gencon staff, please don’t do this next year.

Godspeed to those hoping to play a Thursday morning game and not having their bracelet yet.

Posted by maijstral2

I got there about 3:30 and it was a small line barely out the door only took about 5 or 6 minutes. My friend and his family got in about 5 and imagine my surprise when he texted me it was a`nightmare` I checked it out and the line wrapped around the sagamore twice. But an hour or so later when I passed again it was just a little out the door maybe a few dozen out the door. At all times the line was moving swiftly though.

Posted by stahlnee

Line moved fast and smooth for me and took about 10 to 15 minutes around 2:30pm today. Did not count but seemed like around a dozen or so checkers.

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